The secret to great photos

I'm going to let you in on photography's dirty little secret . . . It's not the camera. It's more than great lighting, composition, viewpoint, focus, color and capturing good expression. In addition to amazing lighting, and great color, the best images you see in ads are almost always digitally enhanced and retouched.

Products, places, people . . . (even supermodels).

The best photographer in the world can't deliver perfection unless the subject is perfect . . . and they never are!

If you want to maximize the impact of your images you're going to want to have them enhanced. Sometimes this can be done in a few minutes, sometimes it's much more involved. In addition to a good photographer you'll need to have someone who is talented and knowledgeable with Photoshop and preferably many other programs and plug-ins. It's a good idea to have the person doing the post-production present at the shoot so they're sure to get what's needed to put the image together.

One of the benefits that my clients get is that I'm both an advertising photographer with over 30 years of experience and a Photoshop expert. That gives me the ability to visualize what I want to end up with while I'm shooting, and make sure that I'm getting what I need in order to construct the image I've imagined. I'm also sure to end up with the image that I pre-visualized since there's no chance for miscommunication.

See before and after samples of my digitally enhanced photography.