Medical device photography

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More and more I'm called upon when clients have medical products that require very specialized skills and equipment to photograph. Medical devices are among the most notable of these. They are often tiny and difficult to accurately move into position. They require additional equipment to move them around in front of the camera. The images must be of the highest standard and communicate quality and precision. 

At these magnifications, optical laws make conventional photographic techniques ineffective. Entirely different approaches are needed to get passable results, much less outstanding ones. Some medical device photos require compositing up to 200 images taken at different focus points to create one image that shows sharpness throughout the entire product. I must say though, that I love the challenge of capturing beautiful medical device images. Here are a few examples of medical products and devices. I've added insets in some of the medical device photos to show how tiny they are.

You can see more examples of my medical device photography at my site that show additional examples of my work in this specialty:

photo of medical device showing it's relative size
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