Make yourself and your differences seen

One of the biggest problems in business today is the intense competition caused by our ability to produce things faster than we can consume them. Because of computers, almost every task can be done faster and more efficiently. Fewer workers are required to do any task. So you have more products and services available than there are people who can afford them or even have time to use them.

Take movies or books for instance, how many can anyone possibly see or read? How many other things are competing for our time and attention? We're all very picky then about where we spend our time and money, so you have a situation where a few products and services do very well and the rest don't.

If you want your business to be one of those few that do well, you have to stand out and be different. You can't look like everybody else. You have to be visible and communicate your unique benefits very quickly (people are in a hurry).

Photos that are strategically created to communicate your story can give you that winning edge that tips the scale in your favor. They communicate the advantages of what you provide far faster and in a more convincing way than words alone, words that may not even be read. Don't just tell them what makes you the better choice, show them.