Do your photos communicate your brand message?

Photos have the ability to create in the viewer a sense of emotional connection with your brand. They help them to visualize themselves experiencing your brand. They provide that all important first impression.

It's been shown time and time again that we no matter how logical we would like to think we are, our decisions are almost always made on an emotional level. We then look for logical reasons to support the decision that we've already made - often by first impressions.

It's imperative in this overcrowded marketplace to stand out and be different. You must stand for what makes you unique. Then you must then communicate this uniqueness every way that you can. This includes your photos.

Always remember, we buy with our eyes.

Are your photos on message with your brand? Are they unique to you? Do they inspire trust?

Could a competitor use them? If so, then they're too generic.

Your images should communicate qualities that you want buyers to associate with your business. They must be of professional quality and consistent with each other in style, a style that is consistent with your brand.

You can't do this with stock photos.