Target your ideal customers

In today's marketplace you must differentiate yourself from your competition. You must design your website and your sales copy so that it targets your ideal customers: those that benefit the very most by purchasing your service or product.

This branding will make you stand out from a sea of clones who copy what everyone else in their industry does. Their websites all look pretty much alike. Because they try to appeal to everyone, they don't have a strong appeal to anyone. Will this specialization turn off some potential customers? Yes.

You have to give something up to get something else. Strong brands repel as strongly as they attract. However, the customers that you lose are not the ones that you want, and you'll make it up with repeat business from those who you're meant to serve.

My website ( for instance is geared to business. My ideal clients are those that want to either increase their sales by attracting new customers or wish to improve their image (or both). I don't shoot weddings, babies, model portfolios or pets. The people that I am not meant to serve usually leave my site as soon as they see my home page. That's fine. My website communicates what I do and who I serve. It's meant to attract only my ideal clients.

Yours should too. You'll gain much more business than you lose.