A location shoot with models

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This assignment was shot the other day for a credit card processing company. They provide cashless systems for processing small payments.  One of their systems is for laundromats. It's more convenient for the customers and makes it so the business owner doesn't have to deal with massive amounts of change. 

My client wanted images showing happy customers at a laundromat. They're happy of course because they don't have to carry all that change! (I know that would make me happy). We used professional models, and shot in a laundromat during business hours. They'll be used for their marketing of this cashless system.

When shooting people on location like this, I usually prefer to keep the lighting simple. I want  the subject to capture the viewer's attention, not my lighting or camera technique. The purpose should not be to try to impress the viewer with slick techniques of photography or lighting, but rather to draw the viewer in and have them connect with the subject. The image must feel "real".