Why are some photos worthless from a sales perspective?

What makes some photos worthless is when they're just dropped into a page for decoration like clip art. They don't create curiosity. They don't create desire. They don't convey quality. They don't inform.

Unfortunately, there are many otherwise talented photographers, graphic artists and even creative directors at ad agencies that just don't get it. They're not effective marketers. They're so caught up in attempting to make some cool looking photo or hip website that they're often too clever for their own good. It's not creative unless it sells.

The photos need to be relevant and unique to your company. You can't simply drop photos into a page and expect them to work. They need to reinforce the message for your particular service or product. Captions under or next to the photos can be used to strengthen your message. People look at the photos and then read the descriptions. Captions are read far more often than body copy.