One way to save money on photography.

Usually I advise my clients to trim their photography costs by limiting their shot list to those images that are the most essential and strategic to their positioning. Sometimes however, clients still have a lot of images that they want to capture in one day.

The only way to do this is to spend much less time setting up each image. To accomplish this I use both my "Naturalight" technique which relies on minimal additional lighting and digital enhancement. 

Here are some sample images from a one day shoot (plus a half day of post-production).  My client had moved to new facilities and wanted images for several purposes - some to show that they are a major player in their industry (which they are) and some for internal uses such as employee recruitment. 

With the help of an assistant, slightly over twenty set-ups were shot that day. The image that took the longest was in the server room - which required lighting.

While these images are not as dramatic as ones with extensive lighting, I show them to demonstrate that it's possible to communicate a very positive image of your operations without spending hours setting up and lighting each photograph.

(Click on any of the images to see them larger.)