The camera doesn't matter (all that much).

Camera manufacturer's would like you to believe that if you use their best cameras that your photos will look great. Because of their advertising, many foolishly believe that it's the camera that creates the image and it doesn't matter too much who's behind it.

It doesn't work that way. Cameras don't make great photos any more than Steinway pianos make great music or word processors create great writing. Great photographers bring a mastery of lighting, color, design, psychology, problem solving, pre-visualization and many other skills to the table. Like a chain, the end result will only be as good its weakest link. It's usually not the the camera that's the weak link.

Photographers abilities vary immensely. Anyone can say they're a professional photographer, just as they can say they're a great singer. Many delude themselves into thinking that they're a good photographer because they have a good digital camera and occasionally get decent shots. 

There are millions of them. I call it the American Idol effect. Just like the tens of thousands of people who go to the tryouts and get upset when their "talent" isn't recognized. They believe they're great when in fact, they're usually really bad. It just goes to show how difficult it is to judge ourselves, the true test is how others judge us. People who aren't friends or relatives. People in the business who are qualified to judge. 

If you were to contact any of those tens of thousands of people, they'd tell you they're great. Your chances of choosing an excellent one would be slim to none. It's the same with hiring a photographer who's inexperienced. 

If your images are important, make sure you hire someone with lots of experience and a great track record as a professional commercial photographer.