Show and tell.

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If your company has specialized equipment that benefits the customer, don't just tell them about it in your sales literature, SHOW THEM. 

Use a picture, it's worth a thousand words.

This laser is used to analyze the particle distribution for nasal sprays to ensure that squeezing the spray bottle provides the proper distribution and dosage. Most of what it does is not visible to the human eye, because it happens so fast (the spray) and the laser beam can't be seen (fog was created to make it visible). It was composited from several images (equipment, spray, beam) to make it all visible at once.

It's great to have specialized equipment that enables you to deliver a better product than your competitors, but you need to both show and tell them about the benefits of buying from your company. If you don't, you're not taking competitive advantage of your sizable investments and buyers are likely to buy from someone cheaper because they don't understand that you're providing a better product.