Build your own stock library

If you're using stock photos, your marketing is probably ineffective.

Stock photos don't differentiate you from your competition and don't build trust, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't build your own stock library of images to draw from for whatever communication or marketing needs you have.

By investing in images created by a photographer that sells his or her images royalty-free, you can build an excellent library of images that will generate sales for years without additional fees. They'll communicate exactly what you want, and they'll be exclusively yours.

Unlike stock photos, they'll build trust and create the perceptions of your company and what you offer that you desire. You'll be seen as different than your competitors and the photos can and should be chosen to communicate what makes you special and how that benefits customers.

Photos of facilities, processes, key people, workers, happy customers,  products and products being used. They're tremendously useful to tell your story and show the benefits you provide.
They help you build your brand.

Use them for your website, brochures, sales sheets, trade show booth, for decor and for direct mail. By reusing and repurposing them you'll save money and maximize the return on your investment.