What is a brand?

A brand includes, but is much more than a logo, company name and a tag line. It's really something that exists in the minds of customers. It's the sum of everything that they see, and hear about a company and their experiences with that company and what it sells. 

In an era where there's an overabundance of products and services to choose from, establishing an effective brand is vitally important. Without it you're just like everybody else and the only reason to choose your product or service is if it's the cheapest.

You already have a brand with those who know you, however, it may not be the brand that you wish it was. It's about taking control of how people think of you and what you offer.

It takes years to build a successful brand. Your company has to stand for something. You have to be totally consistent. Everything buyers see and read about and experience from you has to point to the same thing. It's about trust. It's a promise of performance. A brand is a type of insurance for the customer, because it makes them feel safe and secure. 

An effective brand will attract those that it's meant to serve and repel those that it's not suited for. Brands that try to appeal to everyone appeal to no one. Brands stand out from the crowd by being perceived as better and different from their competitors, and the photos that they use in their marketing are an important element of that.