Photos for trade shows

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High quality photos at your trade show booth attract exactly those buyers you're trying to reach. If you plan your photographs well, you'll have images that you can use for brochures and the web as well as for trade shows and office decor. One test of the quality of an image is "how good does it look when it's big?". It's my experience that bad photos look worse and good photos look better the bigger you make them.

This photograph was created for a corporation based near Philadelphia that makes containers for the pharmaceutical industry. They needed an image that was attention grabbing, showed that they made products in a wide range of sizes and communicated quality and purity. Credit for the wonderful idea of the "swoosh" goes to Curtis Hoover, the art director. It's my understanding that it will be used several ways including a trade show display. 

Strategically planned and well executed images enhance your brand. They cut through the noise to magnetically attract buyers to your booth.  They create the perception of quality and perception is everything.

It's a big expense to exhibit at a trade show. However, your booth, space, travel, hotel and everything else costs the same whether you generate business or not. High quality images are a tiny fraction of that cost and give you an edge over your competitors. 

In the end, the best pictures always win. It's only a question of who has them.