Photography of interiors

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before lighting and enhancement

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Interior decorators have a problem. To get new work they need to show potential clients what they've done, but driving them around to past jobs isn't desirable or practical. Their own photos will fail to impress. They need images that are inviting and can capture a buyers imagination.

This interior is from my most recent shoot for a Philadelphia based interior decorator. She uses my images on her website, for direct mail and in her portfolio.

She does beautiful work, but capturing interiors well is always a challenge. They're extremely contrasty, especially during the day, and snapshots won't record them properly. This one was especially challenging because of the combination of the bright window and the black piano.

In addition to the specialized equipment required; viewpoint, staging, lighting and digital enhancement in post-production are all crucial components of high quality interior photography.

When choosing a photographer to do interiors, make sure that you use a photographer with a lot of experience doing architectural photography. Their photos will increase your sales and can pay for themselves very quickly.

In the end, the best pictures always win. It's only a question of who has them.