There's no such thing as a cheap photo

Some people fool themselves thinking they're saving money by either shooting photos themselves, hiring a cheap photographer or buying stock photos. I'll address the specific problems with each of these choices in future posts. For the purpose of this discussion though I just want you to think about this: 

Imagine a typical sale for your business. How much is that sale worth in profit? Do you usually get repeat business? What is the average lifetime value of a customer to your company?  That's how much profits are lost every time a prospect doesn't respond to your marketing and goes elsewhere. Money lost that you're not even aware of. If you have high value clients, cheap photos can cost you a fortune.

Now when you think about those "free" or "cheap" photos you'll realize how expensive they really are. Savvy marketers understand this. 

High quality images that are strategically planned and executed to convey quality, create desire and build trust are an investment that can pay big dividends. Properly used they'll pay for themselves very quickly.

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