Recent assignment for a jewelry ad

Jewelry Ad photographed by Philadelphia Jewelry Photographer Richard Quindry
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This image was created for a full page ad for jewelry from Alaska. It will appear in magazines on Alaskan cruise ships in addition to posters.

The jewelry is intentionally the sharpest part of the image so that the viewer's attention is drawn to it. Everything else plays a supporting role to frame and draw attention to the jewelry. 

The cuffs of the coat form the top of a heart.

Some more examples of my jewelry photography.

Quote of the day

"Advertising is totally unnecessary unless you hope to make money."
Jef Richards

Images for print ads.

You have only a couple of seconds to grab a reader's attention, and a great image is often the most effective way to do it.

When people look at ads, almost all of them look at the image before they'll even think about  looking at the words. However, the image must relate to what your selling, otherwise you just create confusion and people won't bother to read your ad.

The image should be custom made to reinforce the words in your ad. If you don't, you risk wasting your entire ad budget. If you're selling a product it should also create desire.

Quote of the day

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."